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Forest Stump are a professional tree surgery and stump removal business based in Chertsey Surrey

Fully qualified and using the latest narrow access stump grinding machinery

Forest Stump take pride in removing stumps with the least disturbance to your garden

Our service is prompt and efficient suitable for domestic and contract work

All our tree surgery is carried out by fully qualified and professional tree surgeons

Fully equipped for any tree care need you require - large or small Forest stump offer a free quotation and advice service    

Other services include:

Tree and shrub planting, turfing - using the highest quality turf, trim shrubs and hedges, specialist fruit tree pruning

We are fully insured for domestic and commercial site work covering a wide area of the south east of England

Stump Grinding

Forest Stump are a professional tree stump and root removal business with plenty of experience removing stumps with specialist stump removal equipment  

Although tree stumps can be left in the ground after felling this can lead to problems with suckering where new shoots arise from the trunk and roots  

Dead stumps can play host to root diseases like Honey fungus which can spread to other plants and trees in the garden and prove be very difficult to eradicate - see Tree Disease  

The most effective way of completely removing a stump is by using a stump grinder

The stump grinder we use has a large cutting wheel with teeth which is placed on the stump and lowered progressively until the stump is ground out

The machine is capable of grinding any size stump and can grind to a depth of 24 inches below ground level or can remove the whole stump if necessary

The stump grinder we use is 29 inches wide which is usually sufficient to accommodate most garden gates  

Chippings can be left as mulch for the garden or removed from the site

The stump hole is then back-filled and the garden left to high standard of tidiness.

Tree Surgery

Forest Stump are fully licensed and insured tree surgeons  

We offer a free advice and quotation service  

All work is carried out to British Standards  

We also carry out conservation and Tree Protection Order checks for you at no extra charge  

Our experts will not advise you on unnecessary work  

Forest stump use the latest chipper machinery and offer the following services of tree care   Pruning and reduction Re-shaping and crown lifting Felling and removal.

Tree Disease

Forest Stump are happy to check your trees and shrubs for disease  

One of the most common diseases to infest trees is Honey Fungus

Honey Fungus (armilloria) is a fungus that frequently exists on dead plants but can become parasitic on living roots of many other plants in your garden

Tree stumps act as reservoirs of infection for diseases such as Honey fungus and should therefore be removed if possible before spreading occurs  

For further details on Honey fungus or other potential common plant diseases contact us.

Plant & Turf

Forest Stump can supply and plant your trees and shrubs.

We also supply and lay the highest quality turf to lawn your garden or business grounds.

Hedges and Shrubs

Forest Stump use professional gardening tools to save time

keeping our prices very competitive but providing a high quality service  

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